Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Happy Ending To A Long Story

A couple of years ago, some dear friends of mine decided to begin to look into the adoption process because they could not have children of their own. Walking this road with them was an "eye-opener" for me. Adoption is a respectable decision, although not an easy one. The adoption process, while full of hope, will test the patience, values, and relationships between couples that go through it. While the ultimate goal in adoption is to provide a home for a child who does not have one, it can be a long road full of disapointment and heartache. But, hopefully in the end, it will be a story of love and coming home.

Recently, I was honored to share in my friends' "happy ending" when I was invited to the courthouse to witness their signing of the final adoption documents for a precious brother and sister that God brought into their lives. I did count it an honor to be included in their special day. As I sat there, though, I realized it was also a responsibility. Audrey used this quote on their adoption announcement: A long and challenging journey has come to an end; a new one is just beginning. It IS just the beginning, and it's my job now to pray for this family, love on them, support them, and offer advice when needed.

Signing the papers

The happy family

Congratulations, David and Audrey! Thanks for letting me part of the journey AND the happy ending!


  1. How excited and happy we are with Dave and Audrey as well! God bless their new family. I am so happy you were able to share in their joy with them also!

  2. Yay!!!!!! What lucky little children! What a special couple!