Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun In The City

The kids had a FANTASTICLY (is that a word?) FUN time with Uncle Wes in San Francisco. They went home with him the day after Christmas and spent the week. When I heard about all the things they did, I wondered when they slept (maybe they didn't). Sorry for the LONG post, but there were so many fun pictures.

Every morning, it was up and out the door to the donut shop. What a life!

Then down to the Bart Station to go into the city. This is what you do while you wait for Bart and/or the Bus:

Just some highlights of their time there. In addition to seeing two movies (True Grit and Burlesque), watching DVD's, and eating out every meal (I would LOVE that!)...

They toured San Francisco City Hall. Check out this Christmas tree.

This tree is covered with thousands and thousands of origami cranes each with a message that people wrote:

The kids were treated by Uncle Wes to a Broadway Musical at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre. They saw Shrek the Musical. It was all they could talk about! I think it was the highlight of the week.

What's a trip to S.F. without eating at Mel's Diner?

And you always have to go to Union Square and check out all the stores...

Just threw this picture in because it is cute!

On Wednesday, they wrote Bart to Milpitas to the Great Mall. This indoor mall has 172 stores and 34 restaurants. A lot of the stores are outlet stores.

Oh yes, Cinnabon cinammon rolls...

Another fun place to eat, Hot Pot. You pick out your food like a buffet, but then take it back to the table and cook it yourself at your table:

Every year, my brother loves to introduce the kids to something weird new to eat. This year's choice -- Taiwainese ice cream...

Lyle really found some bargains at the Half Price Bookstore in Berkeley. As you can see, they were having another 20% off everything in the store:

Thank you, Uncle Wes, for a very fun week! What wonderful memories Hilary and Lyle will have of time spent with you and all the fun things you did!

P.S. Thank you for taking pictures for my blog, Uncle Wes!


  1. Great pictures! We LOVE San Francisco too! I think Uncle Wes needs to take Bob and Julie next year too though!

    Happy New Year Julie!! <3

  2. So great that your brother does this with the kids each year! Also neat the memories for them as brother and sister! Looks like they had a blast but ine question. What is that food in the bowl???

  3. duh, the food in the bowl is Tawaianese ice cream. sorry :-( (It sure doesn't look like the ice cream I eat)

  4. What a nice Uncle. Great memories they are making. Such cute pictures and especially like the one in front of my favorite store, Nordstrom! I agree that you and Bob should go spend a week-end or something in the "City".
    Love, Jill