Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coming Soon -- "Picture of the Week"

Above is a picture of all the rolls of film/disposable cameras I've taken over the years and never had developed. (I know what you are saying right now; go ahead and say it -- STUPID!!). Well, this is the year I'm going to get them developed. I'm taking a couple of rolls in today. So, after I pick up the developed roll each week, I'll post my favorite picture from that roll on my blog!

I know what you are asking, "What got you motivated to do this?" I have an Advantix camera. These cameras were made by Kodak back in the 90's. The selling feature for this type of camera was how easy it was to use. You just opened a little door and dropped the film in. No need to pull the end out and make sure the film was lined up on the little posts (like most 35mm cameras). Well, I took a roll of my film to Costco because I heard their prices were great! They no longer develop Advantix film (and neither do a lot of other places because it requires a special machine). So, I've got to get the Advantix film developed before they stop developing it at all. I have 75 rolls!! YIKES!!

Painful for me - but pleasant for you! You just sit back, relax, open my blog each week, and enjoy a great "picture of the week".

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  1. I have one of those cameras, too! I wonder if I have any old rolls laying around....