Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Sickness And In Health...

Today Bob received a letter from United Healthcare, our health insurance. It started out, “Thank you for participating in the United Healthcare coronary artery disease (CAD) program. Living with a chronic illness can be challenging…” The words “disease” and “chronic illness” sort of jumped off the page and twisted my heart a little.

They say there are two kinds of illnesses: acute and chronic. An acute illness, like appendicitis or pneumonia, may be serious, but it can be diagnosed, treated, and resolved. A chronic illness is different. Receiving the diagnosis is only the beginning. Dealing with the diagnosis, grieving the loss of health or a lifestyle, expensive medications, and worrying about the future all go along with a chronic illness. In other words, it’s always somewhere in the back of your mind, and you never know when that disease or illness will “flare up” again.

“…in sickness and in health…until death do us part.” Most married couples have pledged these words, but did we have any idea back then what all it would entail?

I must remember, at all times, GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!

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