Thursday, October 8, 2009

100th Post

For a week now I’ve been thinking, "What should be my topic for my 100th post?" Should it be something profound and insightful or something funny and lighthearted? Honestly, I still have no idea. I figured that I would just write as I usually do.

My blog was created for so many reasons. The main reason was so that our out-of-town family could reap the joys of our experiences. I cannot believe I have people who visit my blog and read the entries that I write. I must admit that I never thought I could write anything worth reading. This blog is a connection to my family and friends. On it I share my triumphs, celebrations, interests, opinions, and failures.
A blog is such a great outlet, though. I mean I could talk about Randy Travis, post a quote or joke, discuss how my favorite color is red, or gripe about people judging me. Why? Because this is MY blog and it gives me the freedom to discuss whatever I want to discuss. I can vent to my blog. I can put my thoughts out there and it is sort of liberating to tell the story of my life and have people from all walks of life read about it. It is mind blowing to me that people visit my blog, and for that I am thankful.

Thank you to my readers, family members, friends, and to my new community of bloggers. I want to take this opportunity to especially thank Kim over at Who’s Your Mama for faithfully leaving comments on my blog. Opening up your blog and finding a comment is like getting a note in the mail. Seeing that she has commented says to me, “I read your blog entry. I’m interested in you. I care about you.” and so much more. Kim, you are a beautiful person -- both inside and outside. This is for you, my friend:

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  1. Happy 100th blogpost my dear friend! You are writing for the exact same reasons I am! Here is to 100's more. Love you! Thanks for the words of encouragement.