Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My 50th Birthday Celebration

I survived turning 50! I decided to accept that it is inevitable so you might as well have a good time! I am so grateful for the last 50 years as they have made me the person I am today. The experiences I have had, the struggles I have fought (and won or even lost), the mistakes I have made, the successes I have had, the people I have met along the way.

Here’s to the next 50 years! I pray I age positively, gracefully, and meaningfully. I pray that I can accept that the wrinkles, sags, white hairs and achy joints are not defects but reminders that I have struggled, survived, learned, grown, and persisted in life through every day.

WOW!! What a 50th birthday celebration I had over several days. Here are a few of the many highlights of my birthday:

First of all, look at all the cards I got. I loved every card -- both the funny ones and the serious ones. Our family tradition is to display your birthday cards on the piano for a week:

On Thursday, Blaine and Colleen Hudson (the people Bob and I work for and our good friends) took us to lunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant in Anderson. They surprised me with an awesome, wonderful, terrific, fantastic, "over the top" present BUT I'm saving it for another post in the near future. When you read about it, you'll see why I saved it!!
On Friday, Michael Black took me to Casa Romas for lunch. If you have never heard them sing, "Happy Birthday", you've missed out!! It is very unique, loud, and 100% embarrassing! Thanks, Michael, for telling them it was my birthday!

On Saturday, my dear friends (Carmen, Kim, Audrey, and Patty) and my husband gave me a surprise party. It was an Open House from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Adeline Hudz' home (We call her place the "party house"). I was very, very surprised! I had such a nice time visiting with everyone that came, and the food was delish!!!

Colleen Hudson bought me this hat to wear;
It says, "Golden Oldie"!

Kim and Audrey put together this picture board
(on a red background, of course!)

Then on Sunday evening, my Moma took us out to Olive Garden for a nice dinner:

After dinner, we went home and enjoyed a delicious apple pie my Moma made. My apologies to Marie Callender's and all you who bake pies, BUT my Moma makes the best pie in the world. She even won first place in a pie baking contest one time (Hilary entered Gramz first, and then sprung the news on her, but grandchildren can do NO wrong!).

Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday a very special time. I will always cherish the wonderful memories on my 50th Birthday Celebration!


  1. The picture of you at Casa Ramos is wonderful! You don't look 50 at all. Hope there is room on the piano for one more's on it's way!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 50TH!!!!!!!! You are a fantastic writer, Julie. I love being able to "be close" to your Moma through your blog!