Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Women's Retreat

This last weekend I was part of a committee that put on a Women's Retreat at beautiful Lassen Pines. This retreat used to be sponsored by North Valley Baptist Church, and the purpose was to minister to small churches that were unable to have their own retreat. When NVBC decided not to do the retreat anymore, a group of six ladies (who had served on the retreat committee many times over the years) took it over. Shasta Bible College has now become our sponsor.

What a weekend we had!! It was exhausting for the committee and the Lassen Pines staff, but the end result was that women from 20 different churches felt spoiled, pampered and encouraged in the Lord. Our theme was, "Let's Take A Coffee Break!" We had spiritual workshops, skits, a fun craft time, lots of door prizes, a coffee mug exchange, Coffee Bean Bingo, a picture scavenger hunt, fantastic food (that we didn't have to cook or clean up), time to ride the go-karts, and a "Coffee For Dummies" workshop. Most importantly, we had lots and lots of time to fellowship with our sisters in the Lord.

Leslie Hall was the speaker, and she was AWESOME!!! I personally think she was the best speaker we have ever had at a retreat. At the four main sessions, she talked about taking a break from fear, worry, controlling, and doing - based on Psalm 23.

Here's some pictures from the weekend:

Alyssa Gorman and I doing the "Coffee For Dummies" Workshop
(She is a manager at Starbucks, so she was the coffee expert, and I was the dummie!) ;o)

Karen and Patty at the Registration Table

Carmen and I at registration (writing names on the name tags)

Our cute craft that Arla Breshears helped us with (A memo board with magnets made in a cookie sheet.)

Our speaker, Leslie Hall

Leslie, her friend Ruth, and the Retreat Committee

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  1. I saw Leslie post the last picture on facebook. I am glad to hear more about the retreat. LOVE the magnet board. How cute is that! Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to hear more when we get together soon.

    p.s. Leslie Hall IS an amazing speaker!