Saturday, December 12, 2009

One of My Pet Peeves

I was at Ross Dress for Less two days BEFORE Thanksgiving, and I saw this:

That's right!! They were stocking the shelves for Valentine's Day!!

I love holidays, but can we please just have one at a time?? Don't rush my life; let's take it slower! Christmas should begin AFTER Thanksgiving. Valentine's Day should begin AFTER Christmas. My life is rushed as it is, and I'm NOT going to let anything get in my way of enjoying each holiday.

"Merry Christmas" to you all, but let's wait until February to say "Happy Valentine's Day"!


  1. I was in Joann's today for as short a time as I possibly could be, they also had a valentine display out. Time is moving fast enough with out the push from the merchant.

  2. and you know what else??? ALL the Valentine's Day stuff will be GONE when you are actually looking for it!!!
    I am laughing at the thought of you taking pictures in Ross...What a BLOGGER!!!