Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We had such a wonderful Christmas! When I was young, we celebrated on Christmas Eve. Bob, on the other hand, always celebrated Christmas morning. So, we do both! We open the presents from my Mom and brother on Christmas Eve and then open our other presents on Christmas morning.

Moma and Wes came over for "junk food" (as my kids call it) for Christmas Eve. We stuffed ourselves on finger foods and appetizers and sweets, sweets, and more sweets. I was SOOOOO proud of my brother for staying on his diet with not even one little bite. He had bananas and oranges for his dessert! (He's lost 60+ pounds!)

On Christmas morning, we had our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and sausage. We opened presents and enjoyed a turkey dinner with all the trimmings that evening.

I know this is a lot of pictures (and in random order), but I couldn't help myself:

I love having a fireplace, but especially at Christmas!

Santa (also known as Papa and Gramz) always brings the kid pj's!

Moma unwrapping some of her presents

The table set for Christmas morning breakfast

Santa brought Kitty a stocking filled with a toy and treats!
(Just goes to show you can get something EVEN if you've been bad!)

Kitty playing with his toy mouse!

Table set for Christmas Day Dinner

We had such a great time together. We ate, ate, and ate some more. We spent the evening playing pinochle and just hanging out!

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