Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture of the Week #7

This may seem like a strange picture to choose for our "picture of the week", but it was a unanimous decision at the Jones' house to use this one!! We laughed and laughed when we saw it.

Bob's sister and brother, George and Judy Richardson, are missionaries in Alaska. When they are home on furlough, they stay with us for short periods of time. We all love having them visit!In 2001, they were here for Easter, and the kids wanted Uncle George and Aunt Judy to color Easter eggs with them.

So, about the picture...Hilary and Lyle are always asking Uncle George to show them his false teeth, and he is such a good sport about it! Whenever George does this, we laugh and laugh and laugh!!

Hope you get a good chuckle today from our "picture of the week"! (Below is a picture of Uncle George, Aunt Judy, Hilary, and Lyle all dressed up for church on Easter Sunday. It's a nice picture, but not as great as the picture of Uncle George!)

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