Friday, August 21, 2009

Snail Mail

At the end of the work day, going home and checking personal e-mails isn’t always high on the priority list. But, according to the Postal Service, 98% of Americans check to see if they got any mail.

When I turn the key to my mailbox, I’m always hoping for something exciting. Amid all the bills, magazines, credit card offers, pizza coupons, and junk mail, I’m hoping to find an envelope with my name and address lovingly scrolled in a familiar handwriting. I’m not talking about a postcard from a vacationing family member or even a nice thank you (although I like those, too!). No, I’m hoping for the rarest treat of all -- a personal letter or card!!

This week I opened my mailbox to find this card from my dear friend, Becky. What a pleasant surprise, especially when you think about how she took the time to buy the card, write in it, address the envelope, and put it in a postal collection box.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against phone calls, faxes, e-mails, texts, or blog comments. I would not be able to depend on the good old postal system for all the news and information I need to exchange with others. All those electronic messages are convenient and useful, but they lack the personal touch that comes from holding a handwritten letter or card. To me, the cards and letters I receive are like the “real presence” of love and friendship.

And a letter or card can be enjoyed over and over again. Becky’s card is on my dresser, and this morning was the 4th time I read it (Yes, I am pathetic!). Every time I read it, I feel loved, special, encouraged, blessed, and uplifted!!!

You may disagree with me (and that's okay), but I think snail mail is the best!!!! I challenge you to encourage someone next week by sending a card, note, or letter through the US Postal Service. I know you will bless their heart (and you'll feel sooo good!!).

P.S. Becky, thank you for sharing your life with me and allowing me to share mine!! You are a precious gift from God!!!


  1. I also love snail mail and heartily agree with you. My SIL is the best at being a pen pal and she spoils me with letters and cards on a regular basis! Way to go Becky, what a great friend!

  2. I send you a card because I want you to know what a blessing you are to me, you post this on your blog, have me teary eyed because I am again reminded what a blessing you are in my life! Love you my dear friend!