Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reconnected...And It Feels So Good!

Let me start out by saying two things that really don't have to do with this post:

1. I can't even believe I am posting a picture of myself on my blog!!! What am I thinking? (I did it because I really wanted you to see my amazing friend Kim! :)

2. Hilary, this picture shows you one of the reasons I HATE having two different colored eyes. Whenever I have a picture taken, my eyes look HORRIBLE!!!! So, yes, I wish I could trade eyes with you!!

Okay, on to my post:

I have known Kim for about 35 years. We grew up in the same church, and I have fond memories of fun times with Kim in the high school youth group. My husband worked with her husband at her Dad's plumbing business for years. Bob and I didn't have children for six years, so we had some fun times babysitting Tyler (Can't believe he is all grown up now!!).

Kim and I have not seen each other very much over the last several years; but, thanks to the blogging world, we have reconnected!! Kim is a faithful follower of my blog. I love opening up and finding a comment from Kim. She is soooo faithful at commenting!! Thanks, Kim!!

We met last night at YAK's (a local coffee shop). What a great time of reconnecting -- sharing about our lives, talking about our children, and sharing how the Lord is working in our lives. I always thought Kim was an amazingly sweet person, and she hasn't changed a bit!! Thank you, Kim, for a wonderful time!


  1. I want to come next time!!! We will be back in town next week...maybe after school starts we can hit YAKS!!!!! Love love love Kim Faires!! (and Julie-two BEAUTIFUL eyes-Jones too!!!)

  2. It was a wonderful evening. Thanks again for coming to hang out. You are a beautiful woman and I'm glad you posted the pic! Love the title too. Who sang that? Lionel Ritchie?

    Inger, please come next time that would be fun!