Monday, August 24, 2009

A Picture View of Our Weekend

Lyle was busy working on Math and History (Thank you, Mr. Schneck, for homework over the weekend!!) :(

He also spent some time "visiting" with Kitty. Kitty misses Lyle now that he is back in school.

After all that homework, a nice swim cools you off and rejuvenates those brain cells!!

I was busy baking on Saturday,

and, of course, doing several loads of laundry!

Hilary was at a small job on Saturday morning. Ethan and Bob worked on Ethan's car most of Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Working on a car is always a bigger job than you think it is going to be.

When Hilary came home in the afternoon, she got in on the car repairs:

A special treat was an afternoon visit from one of our most favorite people - Michael Black! He brought us a nice present for our anniversary. Thank you, Michael!!!

On Saturday night, Bob, Ethan, Hilary, and Lyle went out to dinner while I got together with my dear friends I used to work with. We had not gotten together since May (too long if you ask me!!).

Sunday was church, a Women's Retreat Committee Meeting, and finishing up Ethan's car. The kids played in the pool until around 9:00 p.m., and then we introduced Ethan to one of our favorites -- Mickey Mouse Waffles.

WOW!! What a weekend!!

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  1. I guess you need a break today to rest up from all of that! I enjoyed the visual of all the interesting things you did this weekend. Especially enjoyed the pic of Bob and Ethan working on the car together and the sweet pic of you and Michael.

    Your blogs are great! Thanks for writing it!